Who's the Daddy

an erotic romance

Dirty DILFs #3

• Coming Soon •

In the latest novel by USA Today bestselling author Taryn Quinn, Bridget Jones’ Baby meets The Proposal and Crescent Cove will never be the same!

I’m a good girl. I teach kindergarten, brake for squirrels, and always donate to cookie drives though I so don't need the extra ten pounds.

My innate kindness was how I ended up sleeping with my no-good ex one more time after his granny’s funeral. The next day, he left town to find himself.

Luckily, I'd already accepted a teaching job a few towns over and soon moved to a new apartment for a fresh start. My mail is never delivered correctly, but the hot, grumpy, single dad mechanic who re-delivers it certainly revs my motor.

Then the funding for my school music program is cut and my very bad day turns into a very hot night with my grouchy, insanely attractive neighbor.

A few weeks later, surprise! Pregnant.

And then said neighbor shows up at his son’s parent teacher conference, and I ask him to marry me temporarily for the sake of propriety and my job and the baby that may be his.

Please, God, let it be his.

Somehow, against all odds, Dare says yes. As long as I become his wife in all ways.

Especially the Biblical ones.

Author’s note: Who’s The Daddy? is a standalone rom com with a romantic HEA ending and no cliffhanger.