Bad Kitty


On Halloween, anything seems possible, including nailing your dream man. Even if he's your boss's smoking hot twin brother.

Nikki Carson is ready for a repeat after she spent the hottest Halloween of her life with Patrick Nolan. True, he hasn't acknowledged that night since, but maybe he just needs a delicious reminder of how good they were together.

Up against the wall. On the floor. Anywhere at all.

Patrick Nolan isn't afraid of a hard day's work, unlike his polished, sophisticated twin brother, Easton. Naturally, Nikki must've thought she was sleeping with her rich boss, not Patrick. Why else wouldn't she have said something over the past year?

Unless she needs some help remembering which Nolan twin made her moan…and scream. And Patrick is the right man for the job.

Author’s note: Bad Kitty was originally released by Cari Quinn in 2011.

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