Drawn Deep

an erotic romance

Afternoon Delight #2

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His cherry is hers for the taking, any way she likes it...

Kim O’Halloran is on a break from dating younger men. Then her erotic art class instructor puts a sexy, intriguing male model in front of her sketch pad and whoa, nelly, does she really have to give up cougaring now?

Nah. No reason to be hasty.

Better—or worse—yet, she discovers the man she wants to sketch with her fingers is also a virgin. And he’s asking her to corrupt him a time or two hundred.

Mechanic and secret millionaire Michael Montgomery may only be in his mid-twenties, but he knows who he wants. Kim’s self-confident and funny and she’s exactly the right woman to make him take his needs…ahem…in hand. All of them.

Screw the lousy timing. Boundaries are obviously meant to be overcome—in the bed, on the couch or against the car. Kim doesn’t mind teaching him, in vivid detail, how to please a woman, but Michael intends to teach his commitment-phobic lover a few things about love.

This book was previously published before by Cari Quinn.