Jingle Ball

an erotic romance

More The Merrier #1

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This year, rocking the office holiday party has taken on a whole new meaning. 

All receptionist Wendy Stanton wants for Christmas is a chance for a relationship with her sexy, sweet, dominant boss, Des. When that chance comes, she gets a whole lot more from the bargain than she’d anticipated—mainly a few steamy, mind-blowing encounters that include her other equally sexy boss, Cole Warner. Her body enjoys every bit of their attention, but her heart still wants more. She wants Des outside of the boardroom and the bedroom and in her life for good. But he’s hiding secrets and she’s hiding her feelings, and soon they’re drifting farther apart instead of growing closer. 

But if anything can get them to come together, it’s Christmas Eve… 

In this book, sex and candy is not an euphemism. And some of the ornaments from the tree have more than one use...just sayin'. Oh, and boys touch in this story. Often. 

Jingle Ball was originally published in 2012. It has been re-edited and now includes an epilogue.

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