Rockstar Baby

an erotic romance

Dirty DILFs #6

• Coming April 26, 2019 •

Famous dude snowed in for a night makes unplanned baby with the saucy waitress who served him. News at 11.

I could see the tabloids now.

Yeah, I play guitar and sing occasionally. But my main role is as a producer for other musicians.

That’s why I came to Crescent Cove—to help rockstar Kellan McGuire with his first solo project.

Not to get stuck in a surprise snowstorm with a smart, funny lass with eyes as blue as her thong.

(It had polka dots too.)

The next morning I was on a flight back to LA.

I returned to town five months later.

To help Kellan.


And saw Ivy with a swollen belly.

Despite our different worlds, I ached to make her mine.

And our baby.

But nothing is as simple as it seems...and sweet Ivy might be hiding more than I guessed.

Author’s Note: Surprise! Producer Rory Ferguson is the first character to cross over from our Oblivion World...but he isn’t the last! He doesn’t start out as a daddy, but his unexpected baby with Ivy will be his biggest production yet.

Author’s note part deux: Rockstar Baby has a HEA and no cliffhanger.

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