Wilder Mind

an erotic romance

Wild Irish: Wilder Mind (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Wilder Rock #1.5


Forever is the lyric he has on repeat.

Rockstar Myles Vaughn quit his band to escape the pressures of fame. He’s ready to leave LA and the glamorous music scene behind, but only if he has his best friend, Felicity Hudson, by his side.

And in his bed, clad in nothing but her tattoos.

Now that he’s back in town, he has one weekend to blast the friend zone to pieces with a plan to win back the woman he’s always loved.

The woman he turned down after the hottest kiss of his life two years ago.

But Felicity has plans of her own. After giving her notice, she bought a ticket to visit Myles, ready to hop a tour bus with him to anywhere. She'd planned on renewing their friendship, but if Myles wants more—finally—there are beds all over the world, right?

And walls.

And floors.

Putting down roots? Not for her. Not now.

Unless perhaps this time they can agree to meet in the very steamy middle…